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Understanding long-term care

The "Understanding long-term care" series is provided to help media and members of the public better understand key issues impacting long-term care across the province. Below are several fact sheets that will help educate, inform, and dispel some common misconceptions.

News Releases and Media of Interest

Click the links below to read Ontario Long Term Care Association's latest news releases and select media coverage:

July 31, 2019: Statement on Report of the Long-Term Care Homes Public Inquiry

June 7, 2019: Letter to the Editor of the Hamilton Spectator

June 6, 2019: “Federal Government urged to support Canadian seniors living in long-term care” – says national long-term care advocate

May 29, 2019: Understanding long-term care: LTC homes account for every dollar

March 29, 2019: Ontario Long Term Care Association echoes its plan to tackle hallway medicine following a landmark letter-writing campaign

February 5, 2019: CALTC delegation in Ottawa to champion for new seniors’ care investments

February 1, 2019: Long-term care advocate welcomes first interim report from the Premier’s Council on Improving Healthcare and Ending Hallway Medicine

January 17, 2019: Letter to editor: We can't afford to be lenient on seniors' safety

January 15, 2019: Ontario Long Term Care Association continues partnerships with Arjo Canada, Cardinal Health Canada, Essity Canada Inc. and Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation to advance quality of care for Ontario's seniors 

November 6, 2018: New report from CALTC calls for seniors to be a priority in 2019 Budget

November 5, 2018: Ontario Long Term Care Association statement on quality in long-term care

October 25, 2018: Long-term care advocate introduces plan to tackle hallway medicine

October 3, 2018: Canopy Growth partners with Ontario Long Term Care Association to develop medical cannabis pilot study for seniors

June 21, 2018: Letter to the editor of the Toronto Star regarding "The Fix" 

June 4, 2018: CALTC's newly-released report on recreation therapy

May 8, 2018: Nine out of 10 long-term care residents have some form of cognitive impairment, provincial long-term care association's new report says

May 3, 2018: Ontario Long Term Care Association responds to long-term care press conference

March 28, 2018: Seniors in need of long-term care to benefit from landmark 2018 Budget

February 28, 2018: CALTC applauds Budget 2018's investment in seniors

February 9, 2018: Long-Term Care Association to Federal Government: It’s Time to Focus on Canada’s Seniors

January 25, 2018: Improving care to seniors in long-term care must be a priority in the next election, says seniors group

December 21, 2017: Op-Ed: Long-Term Care Staff Being Mischaracterized

November 7, 2017: OLTCA Applauds Government's New Seniors Strategy and Its Commitment to Enhance Long-Term Care

October 25, 2017: Long-term care advocate calls for immediate investments to add more beds and hire more front-line staff in Ontario homes

October 19, 2017: CALTC Chair presents to Senate Committee studying palliative care

October 2, 2017: Immediate action needed by federal government to prepare for doubling of Canadians 80 and over

August 1, 2017: Ontario Long Term Care Association statement in response to the launch of a public inquiry focused on long-term care

June 1. 2017: Ontario Long Term Care Association statement in response to Wettlaufer plea

April 27, 2017: Ontario Budget to Significantly Improve Care and Support for Seniors

February 27, 2017: Ontario Long Term Care Association Presents Plan to Enhance Seniors’ Care in Ontario to Economic Club of Canada

February 21, 2017: 'We just need help': Petition on long-term care improvements to be presented in Ontario legislature - CBC News

February 17, 2017: CTV Northern Ontario Senior Care - CTV News

February 16, 2017: Outdated care homes leave some seniors at disadvantage: Association - The Auroran

February 16, 2017: Worrying about seniors' care 'keeps me up at night', Aurora home hears - Aurora Banner
February 2, 2017: Long-Term Care Advocates Call on Trudeau Government to Invest in Seniors Care

January 27, 2017: "You need more beds:" Thousands of area seniors waiting for long-term care - The Hamilton Spectator

January 16, 2017: Ontario Long Term Care Association partners with ArjoHuntleigh Canada, Cardinal Health Canada, and SCA Personal Care to advance quality of care for Ontario's seniors 

January 13, 2017: Ontario Long Term Care Association calls for government to make seniors care a priority - Manitoulin Expositor

January 6, 2017: 1.7 Sudburians become senior citizens every day and there aren't enough beds for them - Northern Life
January 6, 2017: Sudbury's Finlandia called a role model - Sudbury Star

January 5, 2017: Public Support Needed (video clip) - CTV News Northern Ontario

January 5, 2017: Ontario Long Term Care Association calls for federal government to make seniors' care a priority
December 13, 2016: Seniors in Toronto Need Long-Term Care Homes Modernized and More Specialized Care

November 7, 2016: Ontario long-term care (video clip) - CTV News Northern Ontario 
November 7, 2016: Provincial subsidy for seniors' homes falls short: Critics - Toronto Star

November 7, 2016: Ontario Long Term Care Association Launches Plan to Enhance Seniors’ Care in Ontario

October 27, 2016: Long-term care homes are safe; statements that suggest otherwise are unfortunate and misleading

August 18, 2016: Ontario announces $10-million funding increase for senior support services - Inside Toronto (Metroland Media)

June 30, 2016: Response to Postmedia story on changes to the RQI program

February 25, 2016: Ontario Budget Will Improve Care for Seniors In Long-Term Care with Dementia

February 3, 2016: Long Term Care Association demands immediate action to improve seniors care - CTV News Barrie
January 28, 2016: Seniors suffer as Ontario nursing home investment falls short, association says - Toronto Star

January 27, 2016: Association Calls for Ontario to Make Seniors Care a Priority

December 16, 2015: Fewer residents using antipsychotic medications in Ontario long-term care homes, new data shows

November 24, 2015: Long-term care homes recognized for quality and innovation

November 23, 2015: New report on long-term care in Ontario shows residents' care needs are increasing

November 12, 2015: BCCPA, OLTCA and ACCA Partner with Mitacs on Best Practices for Recreational Programs

October 14, 2015: Use of restraints in Ontario's long-term care homes has been cut in half in just four years

October 6, 2015: Long Term Care Leaders Call on Federal Parties to Share Their Plans for Meeting the Needs of Seniors

September 30, 2015: 'Time for action is now' for modernizing long-term care homes - Niagara This Week

September 30, 2015: Canada shows its age as seniors outnumber children for the first time - The Globe and Mail

September 24, 2015: More health care professionals in long-term care will improve resident care

September 17, 2015: Letter to the Editor of the Toronto Star re: "We had to Protect my Grandmother"

September 2, 2015: Outreach teams are not the answer for long-term care - a letter to the Editor of the Belleville Intelligencer

August 25, 2015: Long-term care must be part of election, says alliance

August 24, 2015: New Study Shows Canadians are Concerned about the Long-Term Care Needs of Seniors

June 10, 2015: CIHI Data Shows Ontario Long-Term Care Homes Making Progress in Key Care Measures: OLTCA renews calls for additional funding to ensure the necessary supports for seniors with Alzheimer's and Dementia

May 8, 2015: CEO: Long-term care challengers real and immediate - an op-ed published in the Brantford Expositor

April 23, 2015: Budget 2015 a good step for Ontario’s seniors in long-term care homes: OLTCA renews calls for additional funding to ensure the necessary supports for seniors with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

April 21, 2015: Ontario Long Term Care Association Calls for Expansion of Mental Health Support Teams for Seniors: Data shows specialized teams help to reduce resident-to-resident aggression caused by dementia

February 5, 2015: An open letter to the Ontario Nurses' Association from the Ontario Long Term Care Association

January 24, 2015: Ontario Long Term Care Association Partners with SCA Personal Care, Cardinal Health Canada, and ArjoHuntleigh to advance quality of care for Ontario's Seniors

January 22, 2015: Ontario Long Term Care Association calls for expansion of mental health supports for seniors with Alzheimer's