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Long Term Care Today 

Long Term Care Today is the official magazine publication of the Ontario Long Term Care Association and is a reliable source of current, authoritative educational information for Canadian long-term care operators, managers and staff. It is published three times per year, with a readership of 5,800, including owners, operators, administrator and other professionals in long-term care and related careers across Canada. Supplementary distribution includes key health-care stakeholders, such as government and sector/industry-related organizations.

The aim of each article in our magazine is to share information that will improve the quality of life of residents living in long-term care and have a positive impact on the work and visiting environment for staff, family, volunteers and visitors. Long Term Care Today is not a peer-reviewed clinical journal, but does solicit unbiased articles from qualified experts, researchers and health care professionals with an interest in knowledge transfer. All sources and references must be cited. Submissions are made on a volunteer basis without any form of compensation.

Long Term Care Today is now published two times per year by the Ontario Long Term Care Association.

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All editorial material published in Long Term Care Today represents the opinions of the authors and not necessarily those of the Ontario Long Term Care Association. Discussions, views and recommendations as to medical procedures, choice of treatments, dosage or other medically specific matters are the responsibility of the authors. No responsibility is assumed by the publisher or publishing partners for any information, advice, errors or omissions contained herein.

The inclusion of advertising and sponsored material in Long Term Care Today does not constitute a guarantee or endorsement of any kind by the Ontario Long Term Care Association.

Making a submission – If you or your organization is interested in submitting an article, please contact Judy Irwin at [email protected] or 647-256-3493 with an outline, proposal or full article for review and approval by the Long Term Care Magazine Editorial Advisory Committee.

Editing process – Ontario Long Term Care Association reserves the right to refuse submissions and edit copy for content, style and length. Authors will not be contacted for permission and changes will be made at the discretion of the editor and the editorial committee.

Other submissions – Editorial policy prevents the publisher from printing product information, promotional articles or public service announcements. Public service organizations are directed to send fact sheets containing information relevant to the long-term care sector that can be reproduced in whole or part. With approval, sponsored educational material may be included as part of Long Term Care Today's advertising program. For more information about advertising, please contact Michelle Gradini at [email protected] or 647-256-3497.

Get a copy Long Term Care Today is available to members in hard copy form, and can be accessed by the public through our website. If you are a non-member interested in subscribing to the magazine, please contact Carmen Williams at [email protected] or 647-256-3498.

Advertising Rates – Long Term Care Today is the national education and professional resource for the long-term care sector in Canada. Readers trust the magazine to provide unbiased, up-to-date, authoritative information that is geared to help them enhance care and service delivery. For more information about advertising, please contact Michelle Gradini at [email protected] or 647-256-3497.