The Giving Garden at Wellington Park enhances residents' lives

Launched in early May 2019, The Giving Garden at Wellington Park Care Centre represents a form of horticultural therapy designed to assist in reducing the occurrence of depression, improving responsive behaviours, and enhancing the lives of residents, staff and volunteers involved in the project.

Within the garden's area, 10 wheelchair accessible raised beds were created, with 38 varieties of fruits, vegetables, edibles and ornamental flowers planted.

The Giving Garden provides residents an opportunity to nurture their community, their home, and their life by growing food in their own garden beds. The Food Service Manager is looking forward to using the fresh ingredients in resident meals and is excited that the produce will be harvested just outside their doors. Everyone is very proud to assist the local food bank by donating fresh ingredients.
Everything is coming up beautifully! Staff have even planted their own watermelons and pumpkins (for the fall), and the residents are now enjoying the “fruits and vegetables” of their labour!

Check out the video of a resident picking some herbs from the Giving Garden below.