Villa Care Centre hosts Art Show & Sale featuring acclaimed artist and resident, Dr. Ursula Poole

two women hold up paintingsThe Villa Care Centre (a Jarlette Health Services long-term care home) hosted a very intimate art show and sale last June, featuring the works of acclaimed artist and Villa Care Centre resident, Dr. Ursula Poole.

A man sits in a wheelchair holding a painting with a young woman smiling beside him"The Villa Team was absolutely thrilled to bring this event to life," said Jill Wismer, the home's administrator. "The event featured an extensive collection of original paintings and prints by Dr. Poole, whose life story is nothing short of extraordinary."

A scholar from the prestigious Oxford University in England and the revered Sorbonne in Paris, France, Dr. Poole has also been the recipient of numerous awards including those from the Academy of Art in Berlin (1991) and the Royal Academy of Art in London (1992). 

"Dr. Poole is a true inspiration and we're so pleased she is able to share her talents with us," added Wismer. 

All proceeds from the show directly benefited the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre.

More photos, as well as Dr. Poole's biography, can be viewed courtesy of Midland Snapd.