A story of volunteerism at Trinity Village

a woman in a wedding dress with a bunch of women in wheelchairs surrounding her with thumbs upBrenda Wiese has been volunteering at Trinity Village Care Centre for over a year, and when she became engaged in May 2019, she wanted to include the elders in her dress shopping experience.

“The ladies were so excited – as we all were – we had the best time,” said Brenda.

Brenda had called the dress shop, Sophie’s Bridal, in advance and ensured they were able to accommodate, which they were. 

Providing elders with meaningful and spontaneous engagement opportunities is at the forefront of Trinity Village Care Centre’s recreation philosophy. Brenda understands the importance of these types of experiences – and how they can be an antidote to loneliness, helplessness and boredom – which are often experienced by those living in long-term care. Trinity Village’s mission and philosophy aligns with the Eden Alternative philosophy of care the home has adopted.

residents posed in two lines with the bride holding up an "I said yes to the dress" signBrenda began volunteering at Trinity when her mother Jackie, a resident, passed away.

“I love giving back to Trinity because of what they gave to my Mom. I love the people I volunteer with, and I love the joy I see in the residents’ eyes.”

Brenda ended up picking her dress that day, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“When I leave Trinity, it is always with a very happy heart.”

In photos (top to bottom): Brenda Wiese in her wedding dress surrounded by residents; top row: Shirley Williamson, Judy McKnight, Lora Ryan, Brenda Wiese, Andrea Morneau, Anne Bechtloff, Alice Kok and bottom row: Mary Gartner, Marie Cardoso, Fanny Ferguson, Kay Tokarcyzk, Janet Wilson