Maple Grove yard sale raises funds for residents

A woman surrounded by yard sale itemsLast June, the Residents' Council at Maple Grove Care Community had a blast in making their yard sale a successful fundraiser event! Before the event, the council had set a target sale of just $300.00, but at the end of the event, the total sale had reached over $400.00!

Many thanks to the generous donations from families, residents, and staff who gladly donated numerous household items for the yard sale. The event was well supported from both inside and outside the Maple Grove community as staff, residents, families and people from the neighbourhood purchased a number of items and some donated money.

The Residents’ Council thanks everyone for their wholehearted support for this fundraiser event! The money raised will go towards residents’ special projects and programs.

In photo: Maple Grove resident Lisa Allison surrounded by items for sale at the yard sale